Magic Key - Concentration

How many children are labeled with ADHA these days is this a escape of the possible solution. Are there just too many distractions in our children's lives that they can not concentrate. Possibly many of us have too much to do and do not sit down with our children and just listen to them. Give them feed back on relating stories of our own lives with the goal of pointing them in the right direction. With the child realizing that they too have experienced the same thing in life. Below is a list of tools used to create that Magic Key to success. Concentration. • Physical activities- moving away from electronic devices and going out side to spend time moving the body around. Fresh air is the best for the body as well as the mind. Promoting clean unmanufactured air to the body helps removes toxins as well as supports the immune system. • Mentor ship - spending time with your child on a one on one setting gives your child the opportunity for development on balance of conversation. Remember you are their teacher in life so, set a good example. Attitude, Problem solving skills as well as insights of other people. Explaining to them about why those people do what they do. • Health (food) - Eating right is an old time cliche but, has been developed into a more detailed look as to what to eat. My recommendation for emotion and mental support is recipes from Brain Foods for Kids by Nicola Graimes. Supporting the body so that it can function at optimal level. We want our kids to reach their full potential in life.
• Meditation - yes I said meditation this may seem a little advanced but, having your child sitting and listening to the birds while they find a focal point can give you these results. This trains the brain as well as the body to sit quietly at a resting point. • Conscious Choices - turn into unconscious habits. Your child is building a wall of habits, of good choices. Teaching your child about life and all of life's little secrets on why we do things a certain way gives them insight and understanding. I even learned a thing or two from these lessons that I linked back too, check it out and see for your self. Sometimes we find that we must negotiate with them as to reach a better understand as well as a good choice
. The magic key is at your finger tips and with your guidance and teachings your child can reach that point of concentration their Magic Key.

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