Morning & Evening Study Habits

Study time, how much, when and is it all?

I realize as a mom that two things are very important while studing with a younger student. Prefect pratice makes perfect. Sure these time for that period of just getting familiar with the new matterial. So, I just continually tell him the answers or read the new words to him. After some time has been invested with familairity. Having him do the work individually and making sure that it is perfect or better words Correct, complete. Breaking things down to get the big picture is also a great hands on gift. While we use a dry erase board to put some history names of men on the board and what each one did makes it easier for memoration. Seeing, saying.

Using the after school homework time before dinner or after depending on how hungry. Kids have fuluating appitites so I make sure he's getting what he needs. Then the studying begins this is a schedual and we keep on our schedual at all times. Homework gets done then activities. If there's a test we skip our activities and go on studying untill he knows the matterial well and correctly.

Definitions we use the study sheet and to think your kid can paraphase??? Not, a good idea it's better that he just learns what the teacher has printed out word for word. Its only memoration skills not too difficult.

Math is done in parts, mulipcation we have been working on for some time. He's getting it in sections for easy memoration and making his math skills complete.

He has one hour to watch a movie before bed, play his game, or just build something. This is a schedual not an option.

Mornings I use for memoration of Cub scouts sayings, bible, and go over his math flash cards. If something was left out the night before he does the work in the morning.

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