5 tips for editing & creating beautiful digital photo

As moms we all enjoy sharing the Kodak moments while every ones' busy or away. I love taking my camera everywhere I go just in case I come across one of those moments. With Twittermoms and Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 I can share with you some of my tips for making beautiful digital photos.

1. Always carry your camera and remember to charge up your battery. There's really no time wasted while over night charging your battery. There has been a time or two that this happened to me when I didn't have enough charge to take that great shot.
2. Empty all your photos at the end to the day. I like keep my card clean so, if I want to take 200+ photos in one day I can. This also leaves room for video's too.
3. Uploading videos to a site like flickr.com to save or share your photos is great. Sharing on facebook is also very easy where they have a large uploading system. Croping and adding music is a great addition to making a video. Great for background setting at parties for family and friends to watch too.
4. Digital camera's come with their own instruction on how to's and tips to make some extraordinary photo's. Read up on this and find out more about how to work this program. Some photo's are great with a little color added. Protrait photo's sometimes look best with just black and white. As seen above.
5. Buying a program to make extraordinary photo's and or videos is great there's a large selection to choose from. The prices range from $50 - $400 depending on how much you choose to do with this feature. I hope to some day buy a system so, that I can make great video's and put them on YouTube.com

All in all the more you read up on how to use your camera and the tools that come with it will increase the looks of your photos. I love experimenting with my camera while looking at one object and trying all the options out. This gives me more experience and knowledge of how to work with my camera.

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