Favorite Road Trip story and tips

With the holidays quickly approaching there many of us who travel to see loved ones. I have traveled all though my life over the US and realize experience is a great teacher. So, I want to take the opportunity that Twittermoms and Discount Tire has presented another great idea to share my story and tips.

Traveling to NY, PA with my son at the age of two was a great opportunity for him to see the sights up in the blue ridge mountains. We took off in a old truck, no plans just went. Stopped at a Indian store had pizza that night and grab a motel. Drove all the next day till just outside of NY rented a cabin with a kitchen. Visited a water fall and played there all day. Celebrated my sons dad's birthday with a can of oil and a six pack. I think paying for the trip was a big present don't you? Bought hot dogs in NY at a stand on the highway and ate them on the grass. We all had a great time and made lots of memories. The season was fall and there had just been a business trip that I wanted to meet my invention attorney so off we went. 2001 was the year let me share my tips.

1. Planning I have traveled so much this is just second nature to me. I use the Internet on for driving directions. I like to just take a map and off I go. I can usually get from point A to B with out much. A map or GPS does help though some cities. I always use bypasses around large cities as they save time. I drive though large cities midday or evening; No rush hour avoid it at all costs.
2. House sitter/ Pet sitter This is a great way to keep an eye on your home while away. Water plants or just to put the lights on at night. I'm a pet owner and need my pet to be watered and feed plus keep him company.
3. Maintenance Make sure you vehicle is ready for such a trip. Getting new tires from Discount Tire has great deals. Check window washer and the rest of the fluids.
4. Stops make sure to take time to stop at all the attractions that interest you. Don't make the mistake of saying we'll get it on the way back. There's usually not the same opportunity and many time it just gets passed by. This also give the diver time to rest and others time to unwind.

5. Bring music that everyone will like while in the vertical. Giving way to experiencing new things and old stuff. Finding a new favorite song you can savor for years to come on the trip.
6. Pack outfits that you only bring 4 articles that make 10 outfits. Toddlers bring diaper bag, two out fits extra for each day traveling. Snacks, beverages for the road helps save on time and money.
7. Camera bring your camera's videos cam and extra battery if you have one. Buying a larger card for your camera will give you the most photo's. This way you ll have some keep sakes for years to come.
8. Bring extra cash for those unexpected places where there is no ATM or credit taken. I once stop ed at a gas station that had the wrong sign up and filled up with no cash. They mailed me the bill and called the state trooper (not fun).
9. Call zone make your car a no call zone. This will help you spend quality time with your family. No distractions, no mistakes, no accidents live and love.
10. Remember to negotiate with your family not argue. We all know how to make a win, win situation so, that theirs peace. No, just means you have to work at it to get a yes.

I hope that on your travels you have as much fun driving across the county without breaking the bank. This was a great past time for me as I go for enjoyment. NOW days its to get some where fast when I'm just saving 5 minutes or so. I really enjoy life and want to experience the present as God intended me to do so.

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