What brings comfort, joy or a soft touch to your life

Durning this time of year while my family and friends are getting ready for the holidays. I like to capture what brings me comfort, joy or a soft touch to my life. With Twittermoms and Kleenex blogging program I have a chance to collect my thoughts on this topic. As I may have to give it some thought to tell you.

I find that having friends to talk to gives me great comfort that I'm able to just talk opened and honesty. Where con finding in one another with trust that I will get to bounce things off of them. Some of this does end up in joy as many times enlightenment is the key to resolving hurdles in life.

Having found that facebook has so many of my school mates online brought me a soft touch to my life. The realization that I'm not all alone in this world. The friends I have made along the way are gifts from above. Catching up with these people gives me the opportunity of developing a current look at my friends.

As a female I find that having Kleenex on hand for those times when I'm moody, or bad day, or just a runny nose. These make for great care packages as well as stocking suffers. Three boxes are in my home usually for those unexpected times that arise.

As years past there is death and lost of loved ones. Whether it was our beloved cats, or grandma, and friends all in one year. My son,he had a very hard year for someone so young. He handled it very well I give credit to our church and family and friends for their support. As time passes there are still moments where the tears are just flowing. Like when my little brother came back after a three month black out in Iraq. Christmas day I called again and he answered I was over joyed. After the phone call I balled like a baby over the toilet. I was so relived he was home safe and sound.

Crying for many reasons, this helps washout the overloading emotions that are held inside. So when those times come; to cry or just blow using a soft touch so my nose doesn't look like Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. That wouldn't make a pretty picture for the scrap book.

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