Project 365

Sign on door says's... Do Not Disturb

Finally some, warmth from the fire place
pumpkin patch's and rubber boots

painted sky

Learning sportsmanship

A nice way to enjoy an ordinary day

Mother nature

Decorations go out early to enjoy season

Summer flowers still in bloom

Autumn colors

Little decorations

Products & Prices from the past

Scarecrows in the kitchen

Coffee, Turkey baster, Brown sugar, Kraft, Liquor, Soda and popcorn maker

Learn hand & eye coordination

Early American history

Apple orchards have so, much to offer; education, entertainment and food.
Arrowhead Orchard, OH 800 244-5607

our path is running parallel to many paths

Our world of discovery never ends

Alright Andy where's my fries?

On any windy day...Kite flying.

Listening to old timer's and the stories they have to share.

Our new door bell

Making a splash this summer, and playing all day is sure to fix the blues.

Chalk art

Who do kids lean on...why God of course.

New blossoms every day to our surprise and wonder.


Antique toys for a motif

BBQ's and hot summer nights

Face only a mother could love.

Keep on Smiling

Red Cross Duck Race

Porch decor and new friend
Learning cursive and Behavior

Having control

View off porch "Good morning"

Best friends

First night at house

                                       Those who love you warn you of the dangers of the world.

Child nurturing others to grow
Discovery of life and all it's wonders that it holds for us to cherish.
 Only those who dare, truly live.  My second jello mold worked!

The flowers on a wall.
 TCarrot soup with rosemary.

Cleaning time again, it's BBQ tonight.
To encourage passion in a child helping his love grow.

Children sing with melody in their hearts.

First day of Spring flying kites, bike rides, swings, and sand castles.

Bonn fires to sit by warm and happy with stories of our lives.

We all help one another, and help the group go.

Kids who challenge themselves with ordinary tasks such as putting together a 3-D puzzle of this magnitude.   
Adding some life to your Easter Day...try a little food coloring on these little chicks and make someone in your life smile for years to come. 

Early readers programs for beginning readers.  Getting kids excited about reading making it fun in all ways. For a school activity the kids dressed up in Hats. Celebration for "The Cat in the Hat".  Learning about the author and how 220 words were used in the book. 3/2/11

                        As we drive up from an hour or two car ride a little voice says's where are we?

      Driving a car is such a treat that it just makes a big smile on.
          This winter's snow and time for a sled ride.

                 Sucking up a jello with a straw for Valentines Day.

                    Wagon rides are never dull.

                        Learning at the Zoo

                  Locks model and stories of how it used to be.

                   Historical stories about the Industrial age
            Men and women who helped build this area of Ohio

          Costume ears for Volunteer work
              Golden sun light in the morning as the dew dries.

                                 Rides his bike.

               Friends giving gifts so, beautiful.

                    Building his own toys.

I am a Shepard of the Lord

April fools

                                   Martial Arts
                      Learning focus, respect and defensive movements

                     Nature and all it's inhabitants
                  Building homemade toys

                   Bring in cut flowers inside  

                    God has brought a new day

                      To think this was in his pocket

               Memorial Day

                My son brings me flowers

We plant and tend to what we reap