Wire-wrapped bubble wands

You’ll Need
Surface & Embellishments
• Wooden dowels, 5/18, three.
• Wood stain or paint color of choice.
• Copper wire; 16, 20 and 22 gauge.
• Assorted beads of choice.
• Bubble liquid and bucket.
o Long lasting bubbles
 Dawn Dishwashing liquid. 1oz
 Glycerin, 1 oz
 Water, 1 c
Tools & Supplies
• Paintbrush,
• Wire cutters.
• Round-nose pliers,
• Wood saw

What to do
1. Cut dowels to two-foot lengths. Paint or stain dowels; set aside to dry. Draw bubble wand designs on paper. Cut 16 gauge wire to appropriate length, allowing additional length for decorative curls and spiral that attaches to dowel. Quick Tip: Use 16 gauge wire for basic shape and thinner, more flexible 20 and 22 gauge wire for decorative details,
2. Attach wire to a piece of scrap dowel, then create basic shape following sketched design. Keep the shape flat so it can be easily dipped into a pan or bucket of bubble liquid.
3. Once the basic shape is formed, continue to embellish with m ore wire and beads.
4. Remove wire from the scrap dowel and attach it to the painted or stained dowel. Attach more wire and beads along the dowel as desired.
Courtesy of Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.


  1. cool! i made some like this but on a smaller scale

    1. With spring approaching or just a day at the beach. This is a great rain day project and then to take the fun outside. Beautiful little keep sake too.

  2. Thank you for this Justine:) My business is called Mystical Empress, and I'm a psychic life coach. I decided that I want to give clients a scepter/wand to be a visual reminder that they have the power. I saw this design, and I love it! I'll probably make mine 3D rather than flat. But thank you so much for sharing:)