How to Press Flowers and Leaves

As botanical dry, the height of the press will shrink and the straps will loosen; check them and re tighten as necessary. They drying time will vary depending on the thickness of the item. Delicate wildflowers dry in about three days; rose and other large specimens may take up to three weeks. If you are not going to use your dried botanical right away, remove them from the press and store them between layers of tissue or newsprint in a flat box or between the pages of a heavy book.

1. Place laves or flowers in a plant press between layers of letting paper and newsprint. Arrange toe items so they do not touch one another, then use Velcro straps to close the press. If your press does not have straps, weigh it down with heavy books.
2. If you do not have a flower press, place the leaves or flowers botanical between layers of paper towels-these will help absorb moisture. (You may need to replace the paper towels after a few days.) Weigh down the book with other heavy books.

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