Glide Into the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching while some of us are still making the transition. Here’s ten tips for making life easier then just glide into the holidays with Twittermoms and Oral-B Glide. These tips will not only make life easier but, more enjoyable too.

1. Seasonal changes to bring in each seasons decoration with a transition I make with ease. Putting alot of decorations up but not alot of hassel. Taking down just as easy so it isn't so hard on me.
2. Cleaning up the house and getting rid of the clutter; this could mean old toys, cloths, miscellaneous items and giving away for donations. Many organizations are collecting for the holiday season.
3. Using a to-do-list from your mobile phone comes into great use. This way everything that needs to get done. After your done just check it off and move on to the next item.
4. Groceries lists if you’re having a pot luck dinner for either Thanksgiving or Christmas using Google wave groceries list will help. This way if someone finds items for sale they can check it off the list as done. You can have as many people on this site; it’s free and very efficient. Quickly updates info it’s the fastest I’ve seen yet.
5. Go with the flow of nature if its nice uses the time to do things outside; like have a game outside, go for a walk. Wet days go to see a museum with some holiday decorations. Use your resources and check ahead for pricing and times. Try your Chamber of Commence for ideas too.

6. Try new things to keep activities interesting, challenge your boundiers you might find out something about yourself. Take a chance go with the odds you’ll find that you’ll come out ahead.
7. Turn off the electronics spend time with each other; play a family game, board games, football, scavenger hunts there’s a ton of great things to do together without spending a dime.
8. Take a poll on what everyone wants’ to do and where they want to go. This way there’s more input and more suggestions. I like using Google wave poll for this and then you can also add in RSVP. For those who don’t go share the photo’s with them then add descriptions to them together while miles apart.
9. Take a few days off doing just things for you. This gives you time for reflection, a day at the spa, shopping for a new dress what ever. Holidays are filled with lots of visits and entertaining so, take time for you.
10. Find happiness in every day activities this not only helps you look better but, feel better too. Finding out that more will come your way allot easier with a cherry attitude towards life is bliss.

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