Kids & Famous People

Learning about the famous people of history with a new spin is a great way to inspire your child into someone. Found a few books I wanted to share with you about reading on exploration, baseball and many others.

Amelia Earhart she as a child grew up as a dreamer found that all her child hoods play days came true as an adult. With the adventure unwinding she takes the reader threw all her turmoils and tribulations of life. While her story unwinds she opens the child's imagination up to discover that what ever they dream of becoming they can if they just put their mind to it. The Legend of the Lost Aviator by Shelley Tanaka.

Sandy Koufax was an all American base ball player who made history. While he takes you through his life and some of his struggles of becoming a man and then one day becoming the greatest strike out pitch of all time. This story reveals that hope and persistence will prevail if one is patient to just wait for their time to come. You never Heard of Sandy Koufax by Johan Winter and Andre Carrilho.

Clementine Hunter was a black slave who had a desire to paint. She never waited for the right time the time was at hand was great. Having children realize that when inspiration hits they should act upon it. That's when some of the greatest works have been created. This is a great look into history and how impoverished times were and people still made great accomplishments. Art for her Heart Folk Artist Clementine Hunter

Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Joshua Heschel's march towards freedom. This book tells of how both boys grew up and their feeling on how things were. Realizing that people make a difference in the world. Reading this gave me the opportunity to talk about current events in our life. As Good As Anybody by Richard Michelson

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who kept a diary while Germany and the Holocaust happened. This was not the story as for Simon who sought after the truth in proving that the diary was in fact as real as the Holocaust. A mans determination for finding the truth and his true story unfolds as a child learns of history. The lesson learned is finding the truth in serving justice is a service to all mankind. The Anne Frank Case by Suzan Goldman Rubin

These books not only give way to the imagination but, a lesson as well. With a new spin on famous people and a look at what they were like as children.

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  1. Hi, Justine. As a teacher, I can definitely vouch for the importance of instilling a love of literature in children. I am passing by and following from Monday Mingle.