Helpful Homework Activities

Getting over that hurdle is knowing how to make it fun. Students are gaining more curriculum than decades before, in keeping the essences of fun alive. Helpful homework activities keeps learning fun and full of use full ways to apply the knowledge gained at school.

Here's some tips;

Treasure Hunt Using a camera to find subjects to take pictures of will help bring familiarity of use of camera.

Creative writing Barns and Noble has a great tool for kids to create their own stories. This will bring organization, spelling and artwork all together. Feeling of accomplishment is always a good feeling for a young reader.

Counting money while shopping ask child how much does item cost? Multiply that by _ cans worth? This will increase decimals use as well as best buys.

Reading Sharing stories while you read and then ask questions on ~ what were the characters, what will happen next? Memorization skills involved asking more in depth questions will cultivate cognitive thinking skills.

Public speaking Getting your child involved in talking to an audience and organizing his presentation. This is used for many subjects so be creative and let your child passion flow. Here's my sons free channel PLEASE SUBSCRIBE

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