Creative Tips for Giving Gift Cards

What type of gift cards do you like to receive? What’s your favorite gift card to give a friend? Have you ever had any perks come with a gift card purchase? What’s the best gift you ever bought yourself with a gift card?

These are some questions about gift cards that may help with some creative tips so while Twittermoms has and Gift Cards Rock another blog, I got to thinking of all my passion for gift cards and creative ways for gifting gift cards.

Passion for giving gift card ideas
• Penny auctions are a great savings for a range of gift cards. Home depo, Chill’s Barns and Noble are just a few that I have won at For just a penny and $2.50 for shipping and handling my cards have been for $20 to $50 that’s a great savings.
• Non taxable gifts are great vs cash. Cash can sometimes bring problems for those who are on assistance programs. This way you can help your loved ones out a little with a food, clothing, or entertainment gift card.
• Motivators give gift cards to those who need to go out and do something nice. Enjoy a good meal out on the town, take in a movie at the matinee, or just go out and enjoy some of the sights. Many businesses such as; history, art, sports, clubs all carry gift cards to check for availability try
• Contests give away gift cards and the requirements are very simple the odds on the other hand maybe a little high. Free money is always worth a little effort and time. The rewards that I have seen lately have been $10 for Subway to a contest for photo’s for $1,000. WOW now that’s gift giving!!

My most memorable time using a gift cards was shortly after Christmas while going through Wal-Mart and getting huge savings on all my sons’ gifts. I have received a large gift card from a family member and decided to let my son pick out everything he wanted. Our shopping cart was chuck full of goodies we went home very satisfied and grateful.

I really enjoy those gift cards for fast foods too as with a young child these come in very handy while traveling we can stop for a quick drink and keep going until we make our destination. On hot summer days we would use our cards to get ice creams so for our $25 gift card we were able to go all summer long.

With many people having problems with credit and the banks it is a good idea to get a Visa gift card that can be just loaded with more money as time goes on and not have to carry cash. Most business do take Visa so, this is a very versatile gift card that can help pay the bills at home as well as shop.

Here are a few great ways gift cards can help you:
■Save at the pump – Consumers can earn significant fuel discounts when buying gift cards in grocery stores nationwide through fuel savings programs.
■Earn rewards - Many grocery stores offer rewards on your next shopping trip when purchasing gift cards.
■Save time - one of the most precious savings of all is your time. Gift cards are available at your grocery store offering a one-stop shopping experience with hundreds of top brands all in one place.

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