First Day

While this was not my child's very first day it was indeed the first day of a new grade the fifth in fact.  Last year at the Elementary School so, now he's one of the big kids on the block to presay.  Anyways, I wanted to write this post on all the Do's of Positive Parenting.  It a refresher for those of you who read my post via email.


  • Ask how was their lunch
  • How did recess go
  • Who did you play with
  • Did you make new friends
  • How are your old friends doing
  • What do you think of your teacher
  • How was the bus ride

I find that these questions stir up some conversation and give me some information along the way.  This way if there’s any problems we can correct them earlier in the year.  Also,  I like to be involved in my kids life, hearing about all the little social stuff my seem Dum but, if it were drugs, or sex I wouldn’t be a first timer listening to my kid.  Be a great teacher to your child be a positive parent.

  • Ask about the books and when are you getting some to cover
  • Make a daily planner that’s visible on wall
  • Set time & place just for studying; quite, plenty of light, no distractions
  • Be a positive parent that’s available to help
  • Set small goals
  • Have all tools; pencils, high light marker, dry erase marker, paper etc…


  • Scheduled physical activities; walking, sports, outdoors
  • Eat Brain Foods  Brain Foods for Kids by Nicola Graimes
  • Stretching is important, so stretch out, stand up to take 5 min break during study time
  • Get plenty to drink; water is the best our bodies are 60% of the stuff
  • Rest eight hours


  • Take time to read the Bible together
  • Daily Bread
  • Class / Workbook on abstinence
  • Attend services together and make a support group
  • Talk to God encouragement from him is like no other

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