Please Understand Me

Children have temperaments just as yourself finding who and what the combination of your temperament and charter trait will asset. Here's why; the more understanding and acceptance makes for a calm environment for learning. While disanointing a charter trait the acceptance level is noticed. That base line is also a starting point in which growth beings to explore. Learning skills are very fundamental at this point taking another step to building the learning environment one should understand the temperament, character, and intelligence of the student. While reading the book by David Keirsey it is easily understood that all the carter traits and temperaments are true because you already know all of this. You have either seen it, or experienced it. While reading threw the sections of each temperament, understanding of peoples charter traits are easily brought to into view.

Benefits of reading this book are uncertain for me but, have instilled a basis for a path I will surly pursue in further development of relationship, parenting, and career. Sure it is just acceptance, but without understanding people and why they are and what cartelistic benevolent them. Some would just willingly make the same historical mistakes as before.
“Let us beware and beware and beware…of having an ideal for our children. So doing, we damn them. #quote D.H. Lawrence.
If one wants to change then one must change the way we perceive those around us.

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