Kids & Responsiblity

Times I feel that I'm constantly telling my kid what time it is the morning.  Or I have be on him about doing a chore.  Remembering what a friend told me of how her daughter now refer es to her mom "you always bitch"  was telling me I need to start a new method to motivation on responsibility while he's younger.

Don't let your chore-dodger off the hook   1.   Keeping the chores fun while still adding more responsibility..........Give your kid time to have some independence while working, this way he doesn't loose his identity.  Find some motivational tricks to keep him growing up.  

Doing chores together makes things fun...Reading the book Speed Cleaning was helpful in cleaning
with two / more.  In addition we can spend more time on activities we would rather do instead of cleaning.   Avoid rewards...remember we're a family and family helps one another.  He learns by example, be a great example.

Teaching structure and efficient in tasks are great lessons.  Simply following the process of moving around the house to clean.  Using tools to get the job done right the first time, quickly and easily helps with efficiency.

Keeping a schedule.....daily chores and weekly chores is a great way to structure and give him security.  

If you need to make consequences here's a tool that I use.  8-misbehaviors  

Bossiness is not motivating to kids. Letting them give input is essential in preserving their sense of self-reliance and self-assurance  2.    Listening to him lets him know that you still care about what he thinks and his opinion.  Letting him know that he still counts, Listening with Empathy is another great lesson by example.

1    teaching/the chore challenge  Parents

2    5 ways to maotivate kids to do chores

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