Moving With Teens

While moving to three school systems I thought of how the impact of all this has effected my teen.  I looked at the moves as an opportunity as to see how the systems differed and what was offered and how students were taught as well as aided to their specific needs.

Below is what the professionals have to say:

Adolescence put a tremendous amount of time and energy into finding just the right peer groups. 

The process of reaching out to other teens and learning how to socialize consumes an inordinate amount of their energy (and, when the phone bill comes, your income). Through this laborious process of "fitting in" teens are forming their own identity.

As melodramatic as teenage angst my seem, ignoring or minimizing the real difficulties that moving presents to teenagers only makes them worse.  To help your teens make the transition as smoothly as possible, parents have to know when and how to intervene and when to back off.

To Do's List:

  • try to schedule relocation around the academic calendar
  • Before you leave try to schedule not-to-distant future when your teen can return to visit.
  • try to find out as much as possible about your new hometown
  • Make sure your teen as a many ways possible to access their old friends; phone, internet etc...
  • get involved in the social community; church, extracurricular activity, youth sports

“Comments about death or dying should never be taken casually”.

“Keep an eye out for signs of depression-----or any behavioral changes”

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