Frame for this Year

Kids are new to this ideology but, need to be introduced.  Goal setting for the year, yes the year.  Why so long well this will help build them up for long-term goal setting.  Otherwise, they may go aimlessly through life without ever knowing how to p repair, organize, work towards something they want.

Let them sit down make a list in say a couple of hours or less.  Brain storm and make a list overlying these areas of Life

  • Health
  • Friends-fun
  • Family
  • Relationship
  • Physical environment
  • Money
  • Personal development
  • Spiritual growth
Now, I ask that #30 things that overlay the #8 above of things they want.  No excuses, if a goal wasn't accomplished then write a different way of achieving the goal.  eg. Loose weight change to -- do jumping jacks #10 every morning.

  1. Run faster in gym, and breath 
  2. Achieve going higher ranks Martial Arts
  3. Get stronger working out
  4. Practice jumping, kicks for higher
  5. Make new friends, Stop at every Lemonade Stand
  6. Build stuff with others for enjoyment
  7. R/C play become familiar, confident & good skills
  8. Rocket launcher
  9. Camping, swimming, motorcycle-pocket bike riding
  10. Water park
  11. Family tree history
  12. Spend time with family, relatives
  13. Birthday with relatives
  14. Saving self for right girl 
  15. take garbage out
  16. put away stuff when I'm done
  17. my mom want's me to clean, organize, room, cloths, school stuff; bag, and desk
  18. finding jobs
  19. save 70% spend 20% invest 10%
  20. learn life's lessons read eBook
  21. listen to more books, magazines
  22. Art projects, festivals
  23. make inventions on paper then make it
  24. video's presentation skills
  25. Play Better Behavior Wheel for rewards instead of consequences
  26. making church friends
  27. helping others be Christians 
  28. be a good example
  29. play Christian music
  30.  Be careful about what I see, say, hear, go and do because God's always watching

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