Helping Your Kids Make New Friends

Going to open house at the begging of this school year was all new and not knowing what to expect. While still going through the same motions of the last school district we lived at I found my son and myself nervous.

Look mom there's Curtis from Uhrich' he's in my class!

After the first two days my son came home not wanting to go to school. I asked why? He replied; mom I was teased at the desk they were laughing at me. I don't know if it was because of my hair or what? But, I don't want to go back there today...I won't take anymore days off but, please just this one.

I agreed and called his teacher to tell him about my son's situation. The teacher asked for students names and asked my child to tell him of future incidents to be told to the teacher immediately so, that this type of behavior could be corrected.

He's made one more friend since then...after four days of school. He's happy and that makes a mother happy too.

Here's a list of other great points for parents;

Acknowledge feelings Talking with them and asking who was their best friend that day. Giving support to situations by telling a story of how you experienced a similar situation too. This was your expressing that their not alone and you really do understand.

Keep communication open When your child wants to talk give them your attention by turning off the computer, phone, or just stop somewhere to just listen. Don't make too many rules on what should be said, and not said let them be open and honest.

Get acquainted with other parents
Join PTO, get involved with YMCA or some other active group that supports kids in your local area.

Tour the new surrounds
Go to the park, events that are held, festivals, check on line for schedules by just typing in county/events on google.

Find outlets that attract peers
Shop at kids local favorite shops, get attire of more popular items that other kids are wearing. To make the transition a little easier.

Seek activities that match your child's interests
Keep your child involved in the activities they enjoy most.

Help your kid blend in
Cloths, music, books, movies and activities. Go to the local football games, malls and check them out to find out more.

Provide tel phone book or an index cards

Teach friendship-making skills
Introductions such as Hi, my name is.. Saying yes to invites instead of no, Having 2 hour parties for the kids after school to meet and socialize.

Connect with teacher
Call your child's teacher and ask how things are going. If you have concerns talk about them.

Check into your child's emotional health
If there's anger, loss of appetite, loss of concentration Seek professional help!

All the best!

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