Downsizing; relief for kids

Downsizing kids room, toys, cloths, junk. We have the task of keeping a healthy, clean, functional environment for our children to grow up in. Downsizing gives freedom to be healthy. Downsizing a child's room makes cleaning a breeze. Downsizing makes rooms functional for organized effort as well as easy to live in.

While moving I realized I needed to downsize toys, cloths, and other miscellaneous things that brought clutter and an awful mess. When do you pull out old toys and cloths from your families rooms? For many years I would downsize just before Christmas just to make room for new toys and cloths.
Ecc. 2:26 For God giveth to a man that is good in his sight wisdom, and knowledge, and joy: but to the sinner he giveth travail, to gather and to heap up, that he may give to him that is good before God. This also is vanity and vexation of spriit.

Trying to promote a healthy environment for my son and his play in his room, I find that many times having too many small toys are distracting, as well as bringing dysfunction in his play. Children need conditioning at an early age and in part making wise choices in toys. I've always looked at toys as a form of some type of lesson to be learned.
With broken, lost parts, or simply old toys there's no need to hang on to these. He feels entirely differently about this so, to remove toys is a whole new task.

Kids who get distracted easily might benefit from having fewer toys to work in conditioning as well as in keeping focused for a extended amount of time. Working with kids to improve length of focus time. Building up on following one direction at a time and adding to the list is one way to assure their ability to following directions.

Small toys for younger children are great for little hands and memorization skill building while there's still a freshness in the toys. Keeping a rotation on the toys keeps them new to the child. I still find myself rotating toys for my ten year old. He appreciates them and finds joy in them.

Organized effort in a child's mind is still being molded and to complete this process toys need to assist in this effort. If there's too many toys I find my self getting rid of many to cut down on the distractions so, he may complete tasks more easily. AD HA has been mentioned to many parents with today's higher education levels for our kids and the two parent working most of the time our kids are paying for it. As a parent I feel that I can assist him with proper diet as well as Alkaline water intake. I also continue research to look for ways to help with continued challenges of life.

Making a room as simple as possible, taking toys down to a minim. Also have a heavy burned lifted off of them as well and find that tasks and organized effort can be a part of your kids daily play.

It's less stressful while downsizing toys while children are out of the house, or occupied by playing games on Internet. How the simple things make our lives easier.

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