5 Activities to Do in August

August is National Inventors Month to celebrate this visit an American History Museum. "Where kids learn to invent and invent to learn." Enter through the kids', parents' or educators' portal to find cool invention activities, and guidance on how to use them. Kids will be delighted by the interactive invention workbook where they can record all aspects of their ideas and be guided along the way by Dr. Ed, author and inventor. A free membership is needed in order to save your work from one session to another. Teachers and parents will love the science curriculum and ideas on encouraging creative thinking.

Sand Castle Day Aug 14, 2010 Take a pinic and lots of buckets to the beach and build sand castles. "How to Build a Sand Castle" is a good place to start for family fun. "Extremely wet sand is easiest to work with. Use a spray bottle to wet down the sand if your castle begins to dry and crumble during construction." The other two are "Find a Sand Castle Competition" and "Win a Sand Castle Competition."

National Aviation Day: August 19th visit an airplane museum and make paper air planes-there's lots of books at the library on how to's.

Astronomers Demote Pluto to Dwarf Planet Aug 24, 2006 Take the night out with the stars and find as many as you can. Draw them out with chalk on black paper to see their pictures. Name all the plants find great nursey rhymes songs to help with memorization.

Aug 26, 2010 Martin Luther King Gives "I Have a Dream" Speech Aug 28, 1963 celebrate the day finding out about Martin Luther King. Ask your kids what types of dream do they have.

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