Speed Cleaning

So, how much time do you spend cleaning your house? Too much is what I'm thinking...I have been researching how to clean my house very well and in a short time. This way I'll have more time to do the things I want.

1. Get all cleaning products in a carry case
2. 10 white cloths
3. Scraper
4. tooth brush
5. green scrubber
6. white scrubber
7. Duster they make the job easier and faster.

OK let's clean start with the sink put your basket of cleaners at the right hand side and clean from top to bottom. Scrub with tooth brush faucet and scrap all the gunk out from the bowl. Use bleach around chalking and toilet and wipe with clean white cloth. Duster using long draping movements keeping the dust in the duster not in the air; the corners, ceiling, cabinets and items. (watch out for breakables hold with other hand) and go around the room (no back tracking) Continue working around and go all the way to the bottom. Put rug and trash outside of door way and have it cleaned up last.

Identify want needs to be cleaned and what doesn't (RULE if it's not dirty don't clean it)Clean the next room the same way.

Next living rooms, dinning room dusting.

Bed rooms dust, mover bed out to be sweep under

Lastly sweep the house, throw out the trash and place back throw rugs

Your done!

For more tips I recommend reading Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell's book get tips and details on how to's. For team work get the kids involved in a teaching experience.

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