Stopping at Every Lemonade Stand

While kids are making their way through life and discovering every aspect of the ways things are done. Do you help make a community for them to do this safely?

While growing up we had a farmers wife who always made cookies and we were invited in to enjoy them. We go into the kitchen where we shared our lives and told stories of our accomplishments. Other times we would go over into the fields and pick some berries or grapes. Everyone knew every ones name and what they were doing in life. There was always someone to talk to or to just hang out with.

Many times kids make statements like "there's nothing to do in this town" when in reality their saying "there's no purpose for me here" How do we change this and make the effort in the feelings of these kids?

While reading the book by James Vollbracht his many descriptions on how to make a community that creates a culture that cares for kids. Kids are our greatest asset so, to ensure that they don't fall into the cracks simple acts of kindness are gifts to those kids.

Giving kids our time and just listening and interacting we become their greatest hero. If we don't someone else will.

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