Lessons in Life

When your asked to embrace common values who would you think of? The military works such a way. Common goal for achievement we encounter many different beliefs, values, education levels, different motivations and aptitudes. Each has to work together to build a coherent unit.

Resistance to change was strong to attempt to change human behavior. In this way you have to exploit your success stories to break through the resistance. We human beings are driven by habit, history and the review mirror. You want to break direction you have to shape people up not by treating them, not by offering a bonus. But by illustrating by a similar situation what can be accomplished. Kids have understandable reasons for resisting changes. They are ultimately reasoning's threw their value system in how it will impact them. Change is a balancing act; to the right, are favorable outcomes, to the left, are unfavorable outcomes. The role of a parent is to move the value point without knocking kids off the high wire. People see where they are and where they must go. You too can achieve break though.

This is from an early post that was so simply stated that it could be over looked as just a very simple yet effective method in developing our children into adults.

I gained further understanding about how I needed such tactic's while growing up and needing not gift's if I accomplish a change, not punishment but, a similar story with favorable outcome. I recommend reading Six Sigma by Mikel Harry & Richard Schroeder for further information on this.

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