Created You to Be

In reading Esther finding her in situations so, as her faith had to be stronger than her fear she had lead her people into peace. She is a wonderful example of how God's followers should be.

Many of us find that we experience situations in life when we do not know what to do or to think. Knowing that a thought well thought and a word well spoken is training for the King's daughters this teaching we can get from our Lord.

Diana Hagee book establishes self-esteem, sharing faith and setting goals. As well as enjoying and understanding relationship. In her book she has profoundly demonstrated how precious we are to God. To think of ourselves as God would intend us to think. I recommend this book because it has brought me to levels of understanding that I never imagined. To this day I still work on my daily life with the prayers included for spiritual guidance as well as communicating with the Lord. Although, I have found that all the mentions in this books to be true to the Bible's words. As in an earlier post I was still in question of one or two points made, Christians wanting proof, look for your answers in the book of life, if it's not written in the Bible it's not so.

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