10 Little Things that Lead to a Happier, Healthier You

Eating healthier and exercising is always a great idea and unfortunately for some of us, we need a trainer or coach that's .. me, it's not always easy to follow. Life is challenging and hectic which allows for an easy out to grabbing anything that appeals to the eye or not having time to exercise. Thanks to TwitterMoms and Tropicana Trop 50, you can learn more and even sign up to join the Total Renewal program here.

What is the Total Renewal program? It's a great way to start fresh on a new life! By incorporating just 10 little things, it can lead you to a happier, healthier you. I thought about these 10 little things as when I wanted another baby, I've decided it would be my major kick off point to pulling it together and getting healthier once and for all. Here is my plan for those 10 little things:

1. Bought a book for miracles pregnancy and read it and now apply it to my life. Bought a juicer that was a serious investment of $250.00 but, this one can juice spinach, wheat grass at a low speed which in turn does not burn nutrients out or change the flavor of your foods.

2. I read my Bible or study my work book for bible study class every day in the morning and meditate to reflect and pray. For prayers I recieved a book from pastor David Stuzman "The Kings Daughter's" and "Quantum Faith" these are not only good for my soul but, those around me. I love it when my son reads from his bible to me and we talk about what we have learned or just share the good news.

3. I also cleanse for three days a week now. This enables me to keep healing and building a stronger immune system. I drink lots of juice at this time and I'm not hungry for junk food. Bought a water filter to take out the impurities in the water. I taste the difference and like drinking water again. Good way to wash your system out. I feel better, enjoy life more and much happier.

4. Listening with empathy this enables me to keep in touch with my breathing and a positive, open non judgemental, helpful attitude towards others. Understanding my customer's personality helps me meet the needs. I've found that sales, meetings, and cold calls more personal and has improved my relationships with family members.

5. Getting rid of all the build up inside with a colon cleansing by Blessed Herbs. This I found to be very good for my overall health and function of my immune system. Also, take an enema now I know this sounds strange but, your intestines take in what your body doesn't not get ride of. I do this while juicing to make things easier.

6. I found that reading books on positive parenting, personality plus has taught me how to give my child what he needs. I also, like to praise my kid 101 different ways too.

7. I work out because I would love to have a six pack of abs. In a swim suit or just to be a flat tummy would be great. So, who says girls can't get six packs.

8. Bought a used Schwinn bicycle with 18 speed 'I think'. I take my eight year old out on bike rides around town and I even went on a bike path. It was great I haven't road like this since I was a kid.

9. I have three weights in the bath room by the toilet to do curls. No sense in wasting time just potting around.

10. I changed what I buy at the store for foods, started eating foods that are fresh, whole, natural, and choose better foods when I go out to eat. Because now I have an education of what to eat and what not to eat. I now longer get to the point of being hungry. I feed my body what it needs and I feel better.

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