Break the Pattern

Here's a new pattern, a pattern of Abundance and Living well. To break a pattern you experience empowerment, little Independence and learn, learn, learn.

Use yourself as a subject matter and ask your kids what they think your strong points are. They're answerer's may surprise you and open up some areas for you to consider.
Ask your children what resources you have available to you to help you support you in your areas of strength. Maybe they'll even offer up themselves and their strong points.
Get your kids ideas on what other ideas you would use your strengths.
Have them help you ask for your input about them. Children loved to be praised.

Asking children is very beneficial in many ways. Opens your mind, it enrolls them. Children like to be the experts, sought after for their thoughts. Unfortunately that it's a nice way to open up conversation and share time together.

This will help promote a healthy relationship with acceptance and recognition for you and your children. "that's not right"
Instead we will instill in them a desire to make charter strong and positive and they need to keep learning. Encouraging kids to live out loud about who they are removes stigma and taboo and allows children the freedom to approach making benevolent temperament and character trait that they'll be aware of.

Another way to break the pattern help your children to learn what temperaments and charters they have and to set up ways to encourage weaker ones.

Here's to a new pattern. A new pattern of abundance and living well.

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