Inspirational Songs

Interacting with your child as they are very young gives them communication. Music is also a form of communication it expresses happiness, excitement and rest. While adding dance, art, or getting some quiet time music accompanies these act ivies.

While driving home from work I would sing nursery rhymes to my newborn to clam him down on the long commute home. As the years pasted I have continued to encourage music expression threw interaction turning our days.

Atomically influential I choose lyrics that are at the appropriate age level for reinforcement as well as understanding more about the world around us. Allot can be learned threw music i.e. ABC's, solar system, stories, family roles. So much can be learned watch as group of parents interact with their children.

Here's a few that I like;
Jamie Broza~My daddy is scratchy
Bad Mood mom
Ralph's World~Green Gorilla Monster and Me
Tickle tune Typhoon - Singing Science
Ted Jacobs~The Days Gone By
Karen Casey and friends~Seal Maiden
Beatles for kids
Dog Train
Arthur Fiedler

Here's a few that I'm looking into;

Dan Zanes- catch that train
Ziggy Marley-family time **
The Mudcakes-shortnin Bread
Astrograss-oh susanna
Ella Jenkins-this old man
Victor Hohnson - Bicycle buit for two **
Shel Silverstein-Sarah Cynthia Sylvia
She would not take the garbage out

I am not affiliated with any of these organizations nor did they ask me to promote any of their products.

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