Play Day

Telling stories and reenactment of their favorite story will give them the entertainment their needing, plus use some of that energy that's waiting to be put to good use. Dramatic play is also used in a smaller scale such as; little people characters having tell the stories e.g. poety; Beowulf, a song; The wheels on the bus, super hero; spider man etc...

To generate some education out of this, put on a play of one story that is very familiar start with. Give out lines and reenact the whole story. If your son/daughter tells stories let them write it down and put together a play.

Add a few prompts and let the kids create a story. With so many cloths for dress-up we usually have something to make a character. Some paint, construction paper, glue, cardboard boxes it's all close by. Kids love this stuff so, give them some directions on how to put a play on and they will take it the next stage.

As a kid the neighborhood would come over to the garage to put on shows. Sorta, like the little rascal's, we all participated and sold popcorn or gum.

The added of popcorn and juice bags puts this as added fun for the spectators. So, get the video camera and let the show begin.

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