Share what is your favorite thing about Easter

Easter is quickly approaching us as well as new adventures for our children as they continue to go up. While keeping each year new and fresh with ideas for the holiday season I like to keep inspiring him and feeding his passion. With and the new release of the movie HOP contest I have a chance to share with you my favorite thing about Easter.

I love the warmth of the sun coming down upon the earth as the mist of the cold drew from the evening before rises off the ground in the early morning. The sound of the first bird to awaken and begin to sing it's song.

Easter is a special occasion for us as we remember the rising of Christ and how he died for our sins so, that we too have a chance to speak to God. This is a joyous season as each day we take time to make some small act in God goods works into our live's.
The day is ever unfolding it is our challenge to grip and shape a few minutes into work for God!

Making kulich-paskha-cake is a great time as well as Easter egg decorations. This year we added blowing eggs out. As my grandma Helen use to blow these out each holiday and decorate them beautifully.

So, in a nut shell all is new and I love Easter with its colors, sounds, and celebrations. Oh yeah and the new movie HOP check it out.

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