Sharing five of the most important "firsts"

While wanting another child I have been looking back at many of my son's firsts. With twittermoms and Sprint I have a chance to share with you some of these first and share some tips.

Here's my lists of firsts:

1. Sun rise –
While we just moved to our county home over looking a valley from the foot hills. Our stroller ride began before the sun came up with stretching exercises and nursery rhymes. We continued this fun with our Johnny Jump and began to bounce to “the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is…they bounce and bounce and bounce.” Song this was always about smiles while I sang to my newborn of 3 months. Enjoy each new day and celebrate life
2. Bubbles –
My neighbor had purchased some bubbles and brought them over to blow over the valley to watch my son giggle with excitement. I was encouraged to give him a bubble bath as I hadn’t thought of this but, proved to be just as wonderful. With the thrill of bubble making I found a bubble machine from there we made our own little bubble world in the back yard with butterflies, birds, pretty clouds and the rustling to leaves blowing in the tress. Appreciate all that we have.
3. Reading –
We joined in our local library for summer reading and read over 100 books for a prize he received a dragon that flapped his wings. Sharing my studies of the dark ages for American literature in college with my son and my passion for learning. Using books to learn about clouds and made many pitchers of animals with cotton on construction paper. Made some paper air planes from useful diagrams from books. Recently found a great site for high-quality literature to curricular topics Booklist. Asking for wisdom.
4. Dangerous –
Enjoying curiosity and keeping safe I let my son do things that will build his masculinity and passion. Playing with a hammer I found him making wagons and trucks. Using a power drill he helped dad put a roof on the dog house. Over coming his fears with support and love to become a good man. Try 50 dangerous things you should let your children do it’s got great ideas. Walk the straight and narrow.
5. Letting Go –
Is a process that is in a continual growing period especially for boys? While all the time we prepare our children for life and how to handle each and every situation that may arise. Sometimes I just don’t have the answer, or have a doctor telling me there’s no hope, or a teacher you need to take him to a doctor for suggestions on correcting concentration. I am his parent, guardian, guide, and teacher I’ll read, experiment until I find an answer to what ever the problem will be. Being a good example like this will help in enjoying each and every part of life. Every step is another adventure that has just begun, enjoy. Have faith.

In conclusion; I hope that with community supporting our children and the access for the world wide web we can all gain alot from each other and have peace of mind.

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