5 Activities to Do in September

1. Make chool lunches extra special by creating simple, colorful brown-bag creatures with you child.
2. Whip up a wacky waffle breakfast in homor of National Waffle Week. (9/3-9/9). Use our healthy recips at and set out a varity of toppings so your child can have fun inventing wild combinations.
3. Teach the art of appreciation during National Child Care Week (9/14-9/20). Suggest that your child write a thank-you note or create a drawing for his babysitter, daycare provider, or anyone who lends a hand in caring for him.
4. Rally you children for relay races and contests on Family Health & Fitness Day USA (9/30). Three-legged races, jump-rope competition, and hula-hoop games make for a hopping food time.
5. Cultivate a lifelone book lover. Bring your child to the local library for Libarary Card-Sign Up Month, and check our the children's section or story hours. Then visit the sixth annual National Book Festival in person at the National Mall in Washington, DC (9/30), or online at

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