Boys Should Be Boys

10 Tips for Making Sure You Get It Right

The young boy you love is not by accident. He is with you – his father, mother, teacher, or grandparent – because he needs something very specific from you. He doesn’t want someone else’s approval, affection, or admiration. He want your and yours alone. Without receiving what you have to give, his life feels empty and directionless – but when you begin to offer him kindness and affection, encouragement and love, his life changes.

There is no more noble work than shaping a boy into a man. We need more good men, and you have the ability to do something about it. Raising good sons is a challenging tack, but in my experience there are ten basic principles that all successful parents follow.

1. Know that you change his world
2. Raise him from the inside out
3. help his masculinity explode
4. Help him find purpose and passion
5. Teach him to serve
6. Insist on self - respect
7. Persevere
8. Be his hero
9. Watch, then watch again
10. Give him the best of yourself

I recommend reading the book by Meg Meeker MD for Boy Should Be Boys. This book is a great tool in parenting young boys and a must read in my opinion.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I love this post so I know I will love the book. Mine are 3 and 1 right now and are still very mold-able. I am all about making them into great, respectful young men one day.