How do you get your kids to embrace summer reading?

This question really got me to thinking of all the ways I use to keep my son reading and with Twittermoms.com and I Can Read what a better way to share ideas. What a time for relaxation and more books than when their in school. Summer is a time for the outdoors and camping right? Well, if your a parent who loves to read to their children then I'm sure you are keeping the reading expreinces going all year long.

Once we at the library my child picks out books he enjoys while I pick out some more to read to him. As he is not reading completely on his own yet but, it's a work in progress. We come home with array of books to enjoy and find out new stuff and interesting people.

Tips on getting your kids to read;

1. Have a day out doors at the park and take a pinic basket to make a day of it. Discovering a good story and new surroundings makes for a great day of adventure.
2. Letting friends stay over and listen to a story being read is a way to let your child share in the activities you do at home.
3. Studies also go along way when it comes to reading a cub scout book and sharing in the activities of learning together outside of school.
4. Find interesting craft books and read them aloud for enjoyment as well as discovery. Then making the craft is all the more fun together.
5. Experiments boys love to take chances so why not saftly. Reading books about risky things to do this summer is thrilling and fun. Try licking a 9 volt battery and see what the reaction is when they think they're going to start jumping like a kanaroo.
6. While we read together I remind my child of the sounds of the letters so, he can put them together and say the word. He's praticed these sounds with Hook on Phonics for some time now but, still needs promting.
7. We read while we wait for appointments this is a great time to get some one on one. Although it can be difficult with other children in the waiting room.
About I Can Read!:

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  1. I like the idea of the picnic!

  2. Thank you Kelly, I found a remote place high on a foothill with no distractions. There sat a pinic table and a small open space to take in the cool wind. Hope you find your spot too.