How to Make Our Paint Umbrella

1. Let your child use drawing paper and crayons or markers to sketch out a design for the umbrella. He can include flowers, animals, clouds, or anything he wishes in his design.
2. Using his drawing as a guide, help your child use safety scissors to cut out the design elements from sponges. For examples, a truck can be created from a rectangle, a square, and two cut out circles.
3. Spread heavy body acrylic paint on small paper plates. Use a separate plate for each paint color. Dip the sponge in the paint, and wipe off excess with a craft stick.
4. Let your child use the sponges as stamps to print the pictures on a transparent or solid color kid size umbrella.
5. Although the umbrella will feel dry in a few hours, keep it open and set it aside for two days to allow the paint to dry completely.
6. On the next rainy day, have some fun outdoors and watch as your child stays dry under his new umbrella!

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