5 Things to Do in April

1. Bring sunshine into April shower. Staying dry with an umbrella your child decorates will make rainy days much more fun. Visit
2. Take time to rhyme durning National Poetry Month. Have one person in you rfamily start off by saying asentence, and then have the peron sitting next to him say another sentence that rhymes with it. Fo around in a circle until your family poem is complete.
3. Prepare a tasty treat for Passover (4/12-4/20). Visit your kids will love to make and eat.
4. Sweeten someone's Easter (4/16) by helping your child decorate baskets filled with candy and gifts. Have ehr include a special note, then deliver them together to a local children's hospital or shelter.
5. Put down roots on Arbor Day (4/28). For a figt that keeps on growing have 10 trees planted in a national forest in honor of someone you love ($10 at

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