5 Activities to Do in February

1. Engage in a sweet project for Valentine's Day Help your child decorate glass jars with heart shaped sticker, fabric, paper, glitter & markers. Fill with confection to make a perfect gift. Other ideas go to

2. Inspire your child with the feats of real-life heroes during Black history month. Check out Jesse Owens: Fastest Man Alive by Carole Boston Weatherford and Henry's Freedom Box by Ellen Levine for two extraordinary tales.

3. Plant the seeds for a love of science on National Carrot Day 2/3 cut off the top portion of the vegatable with your child; remove the leaves; place the top, cut side down, in a small jar; and cover it halfway with water. Every couple of days, have him check for signs of new growth.

4. Put a twist on a favorite story on Tell a Fairy Tale Day 2/26 Ask your little one to choose a classic such as "The Ugly Duckling" or Cinderella and change the ending by inventing an additional charter or having it teach a different lesson.

5. Map the migration paths of monarch butterfilies, hummingbirds, and other winged or aquatic creatures the February though May. Encourage your child to track their travels and become involved in this project online with children around the world by visiting

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