The Gift of Giving

Over the years I have had some very good fortune with my family. In these years I have given back what I have received some of this was a warm dress coat for a neighbor who had just gotten married. The same couple I had given all the cloths that were slightly worn. This year I had donated cloths to the families in Palestine as the country is in desperate need at this time. I also gave cloths to one income families as times are difficult for some. In addition there were some charities that we donated too for others who were in need. It's a part of a great feeling to help others in need especially when you have been given the blessings. TwitterMoms and Robeez wants to know how you and I are giving back this holiday season.

We also volunteer our time to help feed the hungry this holiday. My son goes in with me and helps organize food for the families. A few weeks ago my son helped a mother-to-be and gave her a walker and a baby swing. Many of our toys are stored in boxes or shelves and have been out grown so, we give them to charity then someone will smile Christmas morning.

Last Christmas I was shopping and a woman had forgotten her wallet. She accepted my gift of buying her things and wished us Merry Christmas. I had this happen to me a time back when and this was my opportunity to give back to some else.

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The fact that Robeez will donate a pair of soft sole shoes to K.I.D.S. with every soft sole purchased through December 23rd and link to:

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