"What are Your 5 Favorite Holiday Activities to do with Your Kids?"

To celebrate the premiere of Dora’s Christmas Carol, join Nickelodeon and TwitterMoms as we share our favorite holiday activities we like to do with our kids! TwitterMoms and Nickelodeon has introduced a fun new blogging question as part of the Dora Christmas Carol Contest. My five favorite actives are:

Singing Christmas carols: we have long winding country roads and with a little snow coming down we are inspired to take head to the Christmas spirit and sing. We go caroling along as the snow swiftly comes falling down. The road gets a little whiter and the intensity of the winter season finally arriving fills us with joy. Winter is so beautiful here.

Busy baking day: with all of our activities through the school year I try to make one day out of baking. We bake all day long and usually put together some ten to fifteen different kinds of bake goods. We move usually pretty quickly because this is not something new for us. In the beginning of a new recipe we slow down a bit and make the recipe. This year we have decided to go back to making cookie ornaments for our tree, look forward to eating some myself.

Decorating the House: This is a joyous time but, to have too much decorating is somewhat a chore. So, to lighten things up a bit and keep a huge decorating appearance we now have three large tree's decorated and our windows inside and out. The dressers get some garland that is antique with lights on them. The house usually has a few trains around each tree that way it is part of our entertainment through the holiday.

Reading Stories: We do not watch the television for now 8-9 years so, our books we really enjoy. This is a time for us to sit close to each other and sip our hot chocolate while being read to. Stories from toy land to Jesus being born in Bethlehem.

Train Ride: We usually take a train ride to the north pole on Santa's Polar Express. This is a two hour ride filled with cookies, hot chocolate and a story. While we sit back and look out the train window and imagine going through time to an imaginary place. We also, meet Santa and Mrs. Clause and receive the first gift of Christmas. My most precious time is when all the lights are out and we sing Silent Night. The winding tracks we watch out the window at the star light sky with the moon all a glow on top of the snow covered hill sides.

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