Dramatic Play

We all know how important it is to read books to our children. While they listen and develop memory skills as well as figure out what will happen next for cognitive thinking. The best is yet to come how about having them retell the story.

Story telling by children is also referred to as dramatic play. This give kids a chance to develop the whole story as well as prepair how to give a presentation. Like when they have a school story telling or report to give for their class.

My son has always enjoyed telling stories to the family on the holidays. While he captures most of their attention for a short time. He is building character, self-esteem and creativity while he is very expressive in his voice and facial features.

Using puppets, shadow figures, or marionettes adds to the experience. Making the experience a useful tool in expressing real emotions, memories and leaning. Some professionals have used sand box's for dramatic play to express emotions that have been recessed by anxiety, fear, or comprehension.

Take time to listen to what their stories are about and see if you can figure out what their stories entail. Understanding your child and how they intake information and retell their version of the story.

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