Teaching Children About Money

Teaching Children About Money
When children are young and go to the store to buy things there is no concept of money. You as a parent look for the right words to explain about money but, at the store is not the place this should be done. The lesson about money needs to be taught at home and applied out in life. As a parent it's your job to teach your child about money, savings, and giving to charity. Teaching children about money at an early age will be easier because there's few bad habits to break. Even at a teen age this application could save your child from making huge debt and winding up going threw all types of stress related problems. If you teach your child the right way of handling money your kids will be less likely to just follow a foolish way of spending money. Give your kids a lesson on money so, they can use their cognitive thinking skills as well as good judgement.


It will be so much easier to learn how to teach your kid by live examples
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The sooner you take action the better---because behavioral problems only worsen with time and become harder to break.


"I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic book.
I grew up in a household with a ´poverty mentality´ always struggling to make ends meet.

Since having my own children I have always want to teach them that nothing is impossible but time seems to fly by and I always think I am not doing enough to give them a financial education (too busy trying to make money to give them the best schooling I can afford!)

Your book has really given the push I needed to make this a priority. They are already 6 and 8 and I know you are right - the time to start is now. If I say we don´t have the money for something they tell me to just go to the bank and get it - like it just appears magically.

I desperately want them to be financially secure so that they concentrate on enjoying life and there are loads of great resources in the book to help me teach them.

This is a must-have for all parents.

Yolanda S., USA


Thank You for doing what you do for our kids!!!
This is exactly what I have always believed should be taught at a young age.
I have three kids, 21, 19 and 15. They are still young to me and I believe I could learn a lot from you as well!!!
…Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!”

Kelli H. in Colorado

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