Child Centered Divorce

Child Centered Divorce
You and your spouse have decided to get a Divorce. Spouse packs bags and your kids are asking questions. "Why are you leaving?" Where are you going?" Then the tears start coming out and words might be said. Very disturbing for your kids they don't understand and have very little coping skills. What happens from here it's up to you.


It will be so much easier to learn how to tell by live examples
Allows you to rewind, pause, fast-forward, ets., so you can digest the information at your own pace, and it is always available for you review.
This learning format will make it that much easier and quicker to tell your kids, which will get you what you really wants (an improved kid/understanding relationship) much faster.
You can order right away and download immediately.
You're protected by a money-back guarantee.
This is the lowest price you'll find anywhere for this level of quality information, and you'll save hundreds over hiring a publisher or taking classes.
The sooner you take action the better---because behavioral problems only worsen with time and become harder to break.


Clinical Psychologist, Jack Singer says …

"Rosalind Sedacca's 'How Do I Tell the Kids about the DIVORCE?' is a much needed breakthrough in the emotional minefield that parents traverse when they prepare their children for an impending divorce. The template, storybook strategy sends sensitive, kind, loving and safe messages, which every child needs as they prepare for the scary unknown. I recommend her book for everyone who has children and is contemplating divorce."

Jack Singer, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

Expert Witness, Custody and Family Matters

Professional Speaker, Trainer and Consultant

Author and Parenting Specialist, Dr. Sally Goldberg says …

“This hands-on interactive storybook is a must for all parents going through a divorce. It is a step-by-step guide for appropriately including children in the process. No parent should leave their home without it!”

Sally Goldberg, PhD

Center for Successful Children

Parenting Specialist

Author of Constructive Parenting and other parenting books

Money Back Guaranteed

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