5 Activities to Do in March

1. Dr. Seuss' Birthday (Celebrated as Read Across America)(3/2) Dress up in a hat and find out more about the Author who wrote the Cat in the Hat.
2. U.S. Patent Issued for Alexander Graham Bell's Telephone to celebrate on (3/7)make a phone with a cups/cans and a string. Find out how your message goes through the string.
3. Ireland National Day St. Patrick's Day (3/17) in celebration learn about how this country was built by Irish men. Sing and read about the Irish folk lore "The Sea Maiden" on CD; is a great tale look for this threw your local library.
4. Spring Begins (3/20) to celebrate this warmer weather with a trip to a near by Garden and view all the splendor in full bloom. Check with your local Chamber of Commence for activities in your area.
5. To celebrate the Birthday of Vincent Van Gogh (3/30)he began painting sunflowers after he left Holland for France in pursuit of creating an artistic community. Create your own little community of artistic with little people by painting the Sunflowers.

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