Little Miss Manners

Proper etiquette while dinning with family is it acceptable to have children eating with their mouths open? Maybe, while your having guests or out in public this may not be so, easily over looked.

I am one mother who can't stand to have people chew with their mouth open even as a child in the school room cafeteria I would literally skip lunch so, I didn't have to see any one chew with their mouth open. It was a quick ice cream bar and off I would go.

Do you point out to your children day after day "chew with your mouth shout". I hear myself repeating this over and over. While my child chews one more time with his mouth open for some reason. Then proceeds to chew with it shut.

In the back on my mind I feel like he really doesn't chew with his mouth shut at school and he's just looking to make as much conversation as possible. And chews with his mouth open. Uck!

Pointing out that the first grosses thing is seeing someone chew with their mouth open. The second grosses thing is hearing them chew.

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  1. Ugh! My husband constantly chews with his mouth open. He doesn't see the problem. I've had to remind him before dinner meetings to at least TRY to not be gross. Ew!

    Just wanted to let you know I gave you a shout-out on my bloggy basics post for this week for helping me come up with a topic idea - creating graphics and buttons - on the SITS blogfrog forum. Thanks!