Raising Rational Behavior

There has been many stories my child has told that were just not very rational. Many times I would ask of him to stop doing things. He had given me disobedience. I have finally found out why. Let me recap how I found out what he was doing;

His father had taken our son out on dates with his girl friends. I address this as such; "I don't want you taking Bill out on dates with you" his response was "fine I won't date anyone" This was irrational behavior after some research I found that this behavior is developed from stresses. I talked to a friend and while speaking about what his fathers comments were I put two and two together and got my answer.

I needed to identify stresses (right hand column)and help give him the tools to deal with events in his life to solve his problems correctly. This will give me the end result in Raising Rational Behavior.

Starr Commonwealth is an organization that helps those who were at one time deemed “unteachable,” were encouraged and promoted to rethink rigid beliefs about themselves and others and to give themselves a chance to restart their future.

Changing my behavior will give me a different result and for my future as well as my child I am willing. Join me and post a short story on your blog and share your story, tips, and or questions. Please only use this linky for this topic, leave your comments below for together we raise the next generation of leaders. Lets help them become rational people.

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