5 Things to do in October.

1. Give in to the Halloween spirit by making our pretty pumpkin bewitching candy bowl, and magical masks out of paper-mac he.

2. Save the world one step at a time, International Walk to School Week (10/3-10/7) en courage's earth-friendly modes of transportation and teaches kids about street safety. Visit for events in your area.
3. Ask about ancestors during Family History Month. Have older relative tell stories from their pasts, then make a family tree with your child.
4. Encourage a love of language on Dictionary Day (10/16). Have your child name his favorite things, then help him spell and draw them to create an illustrated dictionary.
5. New Spins on Old Hero's during National Book Month. Inspire children with recent picture books about politicians, explorers, athletes, and social activists.

suggested reading;
Our Abe Lincoln; An Old Tune
A Boy Named Beckoning
What to Do about Alice?
A Man for All Seasons
One Beetle Too Many
The Legend of the Lost Aviator
Jackie Robinson
Elizabeth Leads the Way
Art from Her Heart


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