Five simple things you can do for your child to help keep their smiles healthy and bright

With school starting and another visit to the dentist soon. We all want our children to grow up with healthy teeth. With twittermoms and Trident this got me to share some tips we use at home.

Most kids have a tough time with brushing after each meal as well as flossing. So to make my job easier I try making it fun.

Here are my 5 tips
1. We brush and floss together this way we take time to talk or draw something on the mirror while the other finishes.
2. We use alkaline ionizing water to help fight plaque
3. Eating a healthy diet makes for good food choices. My son realizes how bad pop is for you because of its acidity level and he shares this info with his friends. He enjoys knowing things that he can share with others.
4. Exercise is good for the body as a whole; teeth included. Keeping healthy is fun, we bring others in on the actives. Keeping stress down using some stress relievers for when school, play, etc…gets to us. I believe that stress plays a part in our healthy and bright teeth.
5. Chew Trident gum and minimize sweets this is a treat in church. We don't chew while at play. Safety first
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