Teaching Humanity

As our children grow having the experiences to develop a better understanding of their fellow man. This is an opportunity for creativity, research, and networking. I have been teaching my eight year old son about the Irish immigrants and their contribution to America. Jewish experiences during the WWI and what the paper clip meant in history and how a school went out to collect 6,000,000 paper clips for every person who died.

We went to our local library and found some movies on The Irish American. This movie was detailed about the regions and the effect of the British law. How oppression brought over 1/10 of the American population from Ireland. The Emancipation Proclamation to help racism while our economy was experiencing a bubble though the Irish work force though they had built the railways, coal mines, and much construction such as the statue of Liberty.

The movie the Paper Clip is a Tenn. school system project that has had a impact on their community for generations to come. Technology and the web people all over the world contributed to this project. Sending suit case full of letters to Anne Frank and photo's of loved ones lost. Visitors share their stories as people listen and get real facts from survivors of the Holocaust.

Learning about humanity caring, sharing, understanding others. these gives kids a first hand understanding of other peoples life's and to treat others with respect and honor. Something that is a Commandment in our Bible and should be practiced. Teaching humanity by a view on how much this county has and why our men & women are protecting our soil. The quote I like best "This flag will not bow to any earthy God" It stands straight up; b quoted by an Irish man marching for freedom. This is the great melting pot where Freedom resides. "It's not what your county can do for you but, what can you do for your county".

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