And They Live Happily Ever After

While many children are still very young it is a good time to prep air or set the goals of marring an Christan, course for becoming and elder, preacher, wife of an deacon etc...

During their early years shortly after birth it is a good idea to get them involved in going church. This will help you instill some of their first lessons that can be used though out life. Honor thy father and mother Thou shall not commit... are a part of their development that even though their just memorized they can elaborate on these verses as they grow older.

As a mother I have worried about sex, dating, and marriage with my little boy even at the age of 18 months or so, funny. Honestly it's not I wanted the best for my son and realizing that if I influence him correctly and talk with him about these topics he will get information from me. Other wise if I am not brave enough to do this society will.

He now realizes that marring someone who is a Christan is easier than a non-Christan. We've had one/two of those in the family and it was no picnic. Although we always tried to spread the good news.

Try to be the best role model, there's always room for improvement and more material's/people to learn from.

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