Building Baby Millionaires

These little people don't need your money they need your knowledge. Teach them about wealth building by modeling what to do. If you teach them how to model what the wealthy do, by giving them a chance to model you. They will learn how to live in a wealthy cycle, where they can make their own money and generate their own assets. They can start earlier than you think.

My son is involved in my wealth building, since he was three. I showed him my inventions, books and my real estate investing. He knows it's to make money so, we can have more. He is practicing his letters so, he can write my letters and make some money too. He sells his own toys so, he can buy new toys. Understanding that he has to make money in order to spend money.

We will pay him a little salary, and that's his cash machine. Have a priority payment into his wealth account and some into his IRA and when he sees an asset that might be a good investment, we talk about it, do our due diligence and decide if we should follow through or not.

There are many ways to teach him about the big table. Suggest that working with family members, friends or neighbors and talk about money. Ask them questions about money and steer them toward the benefits of wealth, including being able to help others through charitable donations and creating good businesses. Also, suggest that they put a portion of their allowance into a wealth account. Set up an entrepreneurial venture in order to get more money than their allowance is fun activity, and it get most kids excited because it's doing something real.

I recommend reading the millionaire maker's guide to wealth cycle investing by Loral Langemeier or visit her site.

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