Your First Language

Your First Language

Infants start out by listening to their mothers voice. Weeks after sight is developed. With that in mind your child sees you repeating facial gestures as well as hand motions. In teaching a infant how to express themselves, it’s your job to teach language at this point. Since your child still hasn’t developed making communication through vocabulary why not, use hand language. Facial expressions and words will develop as time goes on.

Be that there’s a dirty diaper, hunger, attention etc… If you teach your child how hand language works, say to motion tipping a hand motion to their mouth, would indicate to you that your child was thirsty. Putting a spoon motion to their mouth would indicate that they are hungry. Pinching their nose to tell you that they need a change.

These are just a few examples of how you can teach your child to communicate through hand language and the importance of understanding and memorization skills at an early age. Remember during the first three years are crucial for learning and developing the brain. Your child will develop hand gestures way before verbal skills are acquired so, why not look for some alternatives ways to enhance your child’s communication skills? It’s up to you to understand your child better than anyone else. Give your child the opportunity of being understood and build their confidence as well. Confidence is a key factor in developing learning skills and developing cognitive thinking skills.


For two decades foreign counties have used sign language for their babies as well as their toddlers. Americans have just caught on to this philosophy and widely using the sign language for communication.

Just think, e.g. your babies are playing loudly in public and you want them to quiet down. Instead of the embarrassment for your children as well as your self. A look and a sign of quiet down would capture their understanding of playing too loud. The problem is solved. You can direct them on in more appropriate way of play without having take a chance with a tone that displays something other than a calm approach.

Sign language can be developed at months in age and still lots of fun for toddlers. A child crying usually indicates that they are trying to communicate. With education of sign language they will learn about the world around them and understand that this is what we do to communicate with others. This will lessen tantrums because signing is used for communication with your child.

Many times a calm tone will get our child's attention and they will easily adhere to the instructions given. The end result you have more understanding that will encompass their skills in early development and a much higher IQ score. With a simple yet amazing skill of sign language.

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